Advantage Plus Services


Specialty Services

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (Certified Brain Injury Specialist)
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Geriatrics / Elder Care
  • Multiple Trauma & Surgical Recovery (Including Cosmetic)
  • Attendant Care Providers
  • Transitional Assistance When Changing or Organizing Your Living Situation


TBI training and assistance includes cueing, reminders and redirection. Staff are trained regarding changes in behavior and responses after TBI. We understand that making positive behavior changes may require long-term goals and consistent treatment. Staff may also be specially trained on a case-by-case basis as needed.


Training may include assistance with intermittent catheterization, autonomic dysreflexia education, skin inspection, bowel management, and simple wound care.
Young Man with Trauma of the Head — Traumatic Brain Injury Care in Millington, MI
Woman Consultation with Her Doctor — Traumatic Brain Injury Care in Millington, MI

Geriatric Training

Geriatric training is provided to the Advantage Plus staff and includes information regarding dignity, respect, dementia and Alzheimer's disease education and content.

Multiple Trauma & Surgical Recovery

This may be demanding for the client and for the family. Let our helpful staff assist you to get you back on your feet. We assist with all types of surgical after-care; general surgery, orthopedic, cardiac, and cosmetic recovery in your home. You can have the help you need and your family can continue their responsibilities without disruption. What better way to recover?

Attendant Care

Care providers may assist with personal care, bathing assistance, dressing and hygiene, massage, errands, grocery shopping, recreation and socialization, exercise assistance, light meal preparation and light housekeeping. Holiday and special event shopping, wrapping and baking assistance is also available.

Transitional Assistance

Assistance may include reorganization, packing, shipping, cleaning, disposal of waste and unwanted items, utility set-up or shut-off, moving assistance, new living area set-up, and communication with family members and/or advisors.